I am a rock-hard goldsmith from Helsinki, Finland, specializing in opulent high-end wedding rings. I graduated as a goldsmith and a designer in 1996 from the Lahti Institute of Design. Now, with more than twenty years of experience I am happy to say that I can do almost anything that I want and be satisfied with the end result.

I was born in Sorsakoski, eastern Finland, village that has a strong steel-manufacturing tradition dating back to 1890. Therefore I have been familiar with the many forms of steel since early childhood. This exposure to steel followed me to my studies, culminating with using Damascus steel and gold as materials for my graduate work “Men’s Earrings and Their Meaning in Different Cultures through History”.

With streamlined Nordic designs my aim is no less than perfection. If the desired material will not work in a product, there will be no product. Customers usually seek me out when they need someone who can make their dreams come alive, however difficult that may be. The harder the challenge, the better. Challenges truly inspire me and as we know, pressure creates diamonds.

In addition to my studio in Helsinki, I also work in Tallinn, Estonia.