We are specialized in durable materials. There are a lot of options:  gold in different tones, platinum, Damascus steel, 316L stainless steel, zirconium and combinations of all of these metals. The gemstones and diamonds used are always of a high quality and conflict free. 

Kultasepänalan materiaalit 316l teräs stainless steel Petri Pulliainen


This is widely known as acid proof or surgical steel. Versatile and strong and still malleable. It is a common belief that stainless steel wouldn’t contain nickel. It does, but because of the chromium and molybdenum, the nickel is bound so tightly that it doesn’t leak out and give allergic reactions. Therefore, it is used in surgical instruments and metal implants. Our steel is 100% recycled.


Platinum is said to be the king of all the materials, and this is true in many cases. 950 platinum is a versatile material which we often use in custom made wedding rings. In platinum we use tungsten and ruthenium alloys. 600 platinum is not accepted platinum fineness in Finland but is widely used in Europe.

The bright shine of 600 platinum together with the hardness of the alloy makes it a pleasant material for men’s rings. It also costs less than 950 platinum.

Kultasepän materiaalit platina platinum material petri pulliainen
materiaali 750 kulta

750 GOLD

We use various tones and alloys of gold, yellow, pink and rose gold to name a few. We always want to choose the best materials, colors and alloys for each work. In white gold we only use palladium alloy which doesn’t contain nickel. A higher gold alloys can also be used if wanted.


Petri has been using Damascus steel since 1994 and is most likely the first one in Finland to use it in jewelry. The history of Damascus steel is fascinating. It’s provenience goes back to the city of Damascus in Syria two thousand years ago. Damascus steel is best known as the material in Viking and Samurai swords. It is made of at least two different alloys which are forge welded together and folded several times to layer the material. The layers become visible when the surface is etched with acid.

You can choose between two kinds of Damascus steel. The first type (austenitic) is softer and the contrast between layers smaller but it won’t corrode. The second type is first hardened and therefore the contrast between layers is stronger. This material (martensitic) is like a good knife – it should never be left wet. Whether you swim in the ocean or in a pool the ring should always be rinsed with clean tap water and then immediately wiped dry. Sweat and the acidity of skin may flatten the layers and make the surface grey. Most of the customers choose the latter type of Damascus steel but this is always the customer’s own choice.

The surface of the Damascus steel varies and no two samples are identical. You can choose from base patterns: Twist, Rose, Onion and Bluetongue.

damascusteräs materiaali Petri Pulliainen
Zirkonium materiaali Petri Pulliainen


Zirconium is very strong, malleable, soft and shiny silver-grey metal. The chemical properties are very similar to those of titanium. Zirconium, which shouldn’t be mixed up with cubic zirconia, is extremely resistant to heat and corrosion. It is lighter than steel and has the strength of copper but when oxidized the black surface is hard as sapphire.

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