Petri Pulliainen became a goldsmith and designer from the Institute of Design in Lahti University of Applied Sciences (Lahti city Muotoiluinstituutti) in 1996. His final project included a set of earrings made of Damascus steel. During the project he concentrated on how men have been wearing jewelry throughout history. Since then his interest has been to evolve the design of men’s jewelry and other products to a whole new level. Petri’s jewelry can be identified from the minimalism and masculinity, both qualities which are appreciated by many Finns.

In the beginning of his working career Petri was introduced to steel. Steel was familiar to Petri from his childhood village Sorsakoski, which was the home of the Hackman factory. For over 200 years the factory has been producing items made of steel.

At his school the teachers told that you couldn’t set diamonds in steel but Petri showed them the opposite. This is how he found his passion. Petri is extremely extroverted. He enjoys fine cooking and great wine. Traveling and architectural sights are Petri’s way of relaxing. Colors are important to him and sometimes finding the gemstone with the right tone of color can be a big challenge.

Petri loves animals and if you visit the workshop you might meet the always so happy Capo. Science and history fascinates Petri and there is a lot of trivia knowledge which he is keen to use in the right situation and even more in totally wrong situations.


1996 – 1997

Kalevala Koru Oy, Polisher and goldsmith

1997 – 2008

Union Design Oy,

Founding member, goldsmith


Aito Helsinki,

Founding member and goldsmith


Petri Pulliainen, working under my own name



State prize, Union Design​


Goldsmith of the Year named by The Finnish Goldsmith Association


Finalist, Ring of the Year in Finland


Finalist, Ring of the Year in Finland


Finalist in Taito Finlandia


Petri Pulliainen

Kumitehtaankatu 5 E
04260 Kerava, Finland

By appointment only.


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